Enroll your company on a Corporate Membership Plan with The Gym!
"Survey findings suggest time is now for employers to promote health..." -Globe and Mail April 26, 2011
"The most common barriers to adopting a healthier lifestyle are a lack of willpower, lack of time and lack of money. Empathy and providing solutions towards these barriers will be one of the best investments a company can make for their business." -2010 Canadian Health Index
Inactive or unhealthy employees cost companies money by:

1.) Poor attendance
2.) Lower productivity
3.) Higher group benefits costs

The Gym offers a variety of Employee Benefits to ensure your staff is motivated to get active and stay in shape. When you introduce a Corporate Membership Plan into the workplace, you will:

- Increase productivity and morale
- Reduce absenteeism 
- Reduce health insurance costs
- Reduce stress & injury claims
- Attract and retain the best employees

Find out how your company can get started on The Gym's Corporate Membership Plan, contact Stephanie at Stephanie@99sudbury.ca