Graeme Guthrie

Graeme Guthrie has been a part of The Gym at 99 Sudbury’s Personal Training Fitness Team for over a year now. He has established himself through his desire to connect with his clients to motivate, encourage and challenge them a healthier lifestyle.

He’s a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor teaching the Power Boxing Class, Cardio Blast Boot Camp and TRX Extreme Lean. A high intensity workout that is sure to make you leave a sweaty mess and teach you a thing or two about self-defense. He is currently volunteering at his local community tennis club with the responsibilities of Vice President and Tournament Director.

With his roster of “the best clients in the whole world” his own words! They make everyday his “best day”! They inspire him, to strive to be a better trainer. He’s passionate about meeting new people and heading on a journey with them to a healthier lifestyle through mind, body and soul. He’s a firm believer that through hard work and persistence anyone’s fitness goals are achievable. He enjoys pushing himself through workouts and staying up to date with new and exciting fitness trends.