Antonio Bahia

My name is Antonio Bahia. I have been practicing Martial Arts for over 20 years and teaching for over 15 years and that is my passion and life style. I have extensive experience as a martial arts competitor and coach. I hold a Black Belt (second degree of 4) in traditional Chinese Kung Fu (Brazilian Fei Hok Phai Central Association). I am a Sanshou (Kickboxing + Throw) coach and am a Tai Chi instructor. I am the 2008 Brazilian National Kung Fu Champion. I studied Physical Education in Brazil and am a Certified Trainer (Canadian Fitness Professionals).

Our Power Kick Boxing classes at 99 are designed as a fusion between Martial Arts techniques and Fitness concepts. We work with rounds of attack on heavy bags; defense and focus using pads and exercises under rope and some hard exercises with medicine ball, firefighter hose and circuit obstacles to increase power and skills like jump, lift and throw.