Andrea Roa

At the age of 14, Andrea was introduced to cycling by her father, which ignited her passion for fitness. She started cycling multiple hours a week, becoming very active in the process. Soon new sports and workouts were added into her daily routines to feed this passion to continually work hard and challenge herself.

At the age of 20, Andrea started her career as a full time Fitness Instructor teaching at the Toronto Academy of Muay Thai & Kickboxing. The love of the sport led her to train authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing in Bangkok, Thailand for a period of 5 weeks in 2011.

Since her first days as a trainer, Andrea focuses not only on improving the physical fitness of her students, but also on their overall health and well being. She keeps track of the progress and focuses on helping them reach their fitness goals! 

Andrea is passionate about the human body and its functionality! She loves to push her body and challenge herself during training sessions, and she brings the same mentality into her classes... she love seeing students facing challenges in her classes and surpassing them. 

Currently, Andrea is a Bootcamp, Spinning®, Kettlebell, TRX®, Gravity®, and Muay Thai group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.... and studying hard to obtain her certification as a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario!!! Helping others to find a balance in their life is what inspires her, it is her source of happiness.